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Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Post Surgical Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Long Island.

The second important point is that rehabilitation is a progressive activity. In this context, ‘progression’ means safely increasing workloads and stimuli on the repaired joint during the recovery process.

Sports/Dance Injuries

Sport Injury Physical Therapy Long island.

Sports/dance injuries must be closely monitored to prevent long-term pain.  Our goal is to get you back to the field/competition the fastest and safest way possible.  Return-to-play the right way after a concussion.

TMJ, Jaw, and Facial Pain


Temporomandibular joint “TMJ” disorders and facial pain are a result of an imbalance of the jaw and skull with the muscles that move the jaw and other nervous. We will work with you to improve your movement. 

Worker's Compensation Cases


Getting hurt on the job is never an easy thing to deal with, our office specialists go above and beyond to get your PT approved!

Neck and Low Back Pain


As physical therapists, we cannot do surgery or prescribe pain medication.  Your treatment will be focused on relieving pain by increasing strength and range of motion.

Motor Vehicle Accidents


After an unfortunate accident, let our compassionate office specialists help you navigate through the paperwork and approval process!

What sets us apart from the rest

Kinesio Taping


The Kinesio Taping® Method is a definitive rehabilitative taping  technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing  process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints  without restricting the body’s range of motion.

Cold Laser


We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the local area using this pain-free treatment modality to help your inflamed tendon and ligament injuries.



For muscle, tendon, nerve injuries, and more. By using the OrthoAcu Method, our acupuncturist is focused on one thing: results! 

The best part is that many insurances are accepted!

Wellness Coaching


Our physical therapists can analyze your current fitness/gym routine and make improvements to succeed!  From Crossfit to pickleball, let's improve and optimize your performance!

Physical Therapy helps runners, athletes, sports players, etc. continue training without injury.

Expect the best care!

We offer many services to meet our clients needs. Everyone is specific to different times of treatment dependent on injury.  We go above and beyond to listen to our patient's limitations to help them succeed!

We are experts in evaluating and treating human movement dysfunction. We will help you understand why you are having difficulty and teach you ways to move with greater ease.  

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