Can Physical Therapy help your golf game?

The short answer is YES and here’s why:


Today’s top professional golfers are using Physical Therapy to improve and maintain their golf game, should you be doing the same?


A physical therapist will assess your range of motion, strength, and quality of movements that are all related to the golf swing. All these aspects are equally important for an effective and efficient swing. If one or more of these aspects are limited, then you are leaving strokes out on the course! 

For example, let’s assume you have limited rotation in your shoulder. This will cause you to hold the club in a less than ideal position at the top of backswing and could potentially cause the golfers worst nightmare, the dreaded slice. 

A physical therapist will identify the underlying cause that is limiting your shoulder rotation and design a treatment plan to improve it. After the treatment plan is complete you will have the newly gained range of motion in your shoulder that is needed to make improvements to your swing. With these new improvements comes what every golfer strives for, lower scores!

About the author: 

Matt Mahoney, SPT, CSCS, TPI CGFI-L1 is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and former golf professional that has changed his focus towards the field of physical therapy. Matt plans on taking his experience as a golf instructor and combining it with his physical therapy knowledge to give golfers the best potential to improve their game. Get in touch with Matt by emailing or clicking here.

Matt Mahoney demonstrates backswing with adequate shoulder rotation.

Matt Mahoney demonstrates backswing with adequate shoulder rotation.